Confidence: With such a high percentage of success, I have no problem guaranteeing you will feel better or your 1st treatment is free. Details

Real Results Real Fast: Most patients get results within 1-4 treatments.

Multimodal Approach: More than just an acupuncture clinic, each treatment includes acupuncture, acupressure, medical massage, connective tissue acceleration, and far infrared therapy. The cumulative effect of this combination means better and faster results than when using these techniques in isolation.

Take Home Therapy: Dietary, exercise, meditation, and other self care techniques come standard with each treatment, so you can continue to improve and prevent relapses even on days you don’t have an appointment scheduled.

Herbs: Comprehensive herbal pharmacy to provide that extra push when necessary to provide maximum results with minimum side effects. Convenient herbal pills are offered so you don’t have to worry about cooking or tasting the herbs (but you could always chew the pills if you really want to taste them!).

Experience beyond the Standard:

  • 3,100 classroom and clinical hours for Masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine (necessary for CA licensed acupuncturists)
  • Over 10,000 clinical hours with Yu Tai Fu, master of qi gong and manual therapy. These techniques were handed down by word of mouth through generations of northern Chinese for effectiveness at getting results fast. As these techniques are unwritten they lend to a style that is markedly different than what is practiced in other clinics. You will notice a vast improvement over any other therapy you have undergone or your 1st treatment is free.

Relaxed Atmosphere: Enjoy a cup of tea on the house. I won’t rush you out. Standard treatments last from 45 minutes to one and a half hours.

Convenient hours: Saturday and weeknight appointments available for those with demanding work schedules.

What Patients are Saying:

Tim B., Temecula, CA:

I am very pleased with the results I have gotten from Ben Krieg regarding several painful injuries I have had.  With his help I have had complete healing of a wrist injury that I had received from an unfortunate mechanical bull riding incident that caused major ligament pain and swelling.  He healed a chronic shoulder/clavicle pain issue that I had for more than six months, after several treatments which started the healing process I no longer have any shoulder/clavicle pain.  I have visited other acupuncture clinics in the past, and I had not received the type of attention and care that Ben has given me.  I highly recommend him to family and friends and will continue to use his services should the need arise.

Kathryn L., Pleasanton, CA

This review is long overdue.  I have known Dr. Ben since 2008 when I was running the Tahara Center and he was just beginning to practice.  As I observed him  daily  I could see his sincerity and concern when he interacted with his patients.  For Dr. Ben, it is 100% about his patient relationships and teaching his patients the skills they need to control their destiny, healthwise and emotionally.  The art of acupuncture in general is practiced by heartfelt practitioners who understand that it is ineffective to simply treat one symptom.  Dr. Ben has an innate sense for targeting the cause of discomfort and takes as much time as necessary to bring relief.  With the skyrocketing medical costs, there is no need to panic.   I think more people need to reach out and understand the virtues of Dr. Ben’s amazing alternative, yet preferable healing skills.   If you have had the misfortune of losing your medical benefits, he is definitely the one to contact.  His costs are very reasonable.  He will treat with herbs when necessary, and they average under $10 a bottle.  And they are so much healthier than the alternatives that western doctors prescribe.  Treat yourself to the luxury of excellent health.  Dr. Ben will amaze you.

Melanie L., Pleasanton, CA

I have been going to Ben for a few months and the outcome has been amazing. I have been going for lower back issues but he has also helped greatly with my depression, anxiety and overall well being. He also takes his time and counsels you and makes you look at things in a different light. I would definitely recommend him as he is very personal and makes you feel extremely comfortable. He is awesome.

Gina B., Sacramento, CA

I have been going to Ben for a few months now and he has helped me so much with my neck, back and menopause issues.  He is outstanding at what he does and I would highly recommend him. He sometimes keeps me there for 2 hours.  He doesn’t rush you in and out.  He will make sure you are better before you leave no matter how long it takes.  Thanks Ben!