I was considering some of the great thinkers and innovators of the past and present and the commonalities therein and it evoked the following passage. It might be an original quote or it might be a half-hearted rehashing of something from Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching. Either way, it was free to me, and now it’s free to you, so who’s complaining? I hope it fuels the fire to put you next in line after Leonardo da Vinci, Gandhi, Steve Jobs, and the like.

The child plays when possible. The adult makes play possible.

A man lives within a space. A sage creates a space for living.

Admittedly according to these lines I spend a good majority of my day as a man-child. But it’s helpful to know what it takes to grow up.

The moral of this story is to live sincerely.  Instead of telling people to “have a good day,” make them one.

Bon voyage Magellan.