The capacity for decision consists not just of choosing between alternatives. We must 1st to decide to decide, rise from indecision to action even when inevitability appears inevitable (as it often does). As a caveat, remaining still and silent amidst chaos when poor courses of action appear compulsory; that level of poise lies within the realm of decision.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine texts it is written that a healthy capacity for decision points to health in the gallbladder and in it’s associated meridian. Thus the texts recommend that in the event a patient exhibits poor capacity for decision the doctor must prescribe herbs and acupuncture points that strengthen the gallbladder. As an alternative to this approach I say you can strengthen the gallbladder by improving your decision making.

Being a good decision maker doesn’t mean you decide quickly and then veer the car straight into a telephone pole (unless, perhaps, the pole was asking for it). A good decision maker decides correctly and promptly at the time a decision is called for.

The simplest mental shortcut to a good decision means doing what is the greatest possible good for all concerned. Such consideration is the greatest motivator out of inaction and  the deepest comfort when action is impossible. You will receive little (if any) genuine resistance from outside yourself, and minimize any regret following your decision. In so doing your gallbladder meridian will alight with power.