My homeless stint lasted 3 days. It was a reckless vacation choice rathar than an obligatory result of unfortunate circumstances. During that time I felt a parodoxical love for humanity that I only now, about 10 years later, understand.

The mission: Spring break in Rosarito, Mexico with no accommodations. Supplies: Sleeping bags, money for alcohol and food (mostly alcohol), toothbrush, toothpaste, swimsuit, and the clothes on my back (no change of clothes, not even underwear). Desired outcome: Beautiful women taking pity on us. So did they?


Not in the way we would have liked them to anyway.

We received help, sure, but that’s not what brought light and peace to my mind.

We walked among the privileged many holding in their possession, blessed be, keys to a private place all their own, with a roof, walls, a bed, and bathroom. Sure, I was one of the privileged many a few miles north of the boarder, but I was sticking to the plan. Homeless until the end of the mission. I looked at them and saw the potential for salvation. A potential savior to lift me from my self-inflicted predicament. And I loved them. Purely and deeply, no aspartame, no yellow #5. And not because of anything they did. Most of them either failed to notice us or intentionally avoided us. Perhaps they could sense the divide between the housed and the un-housed. Perhaps we were starting to smell.

The point was not that they actually had to help us. All that was necessary to bring my mind to the edge of bliss was to see the potential for help. To desire that they rescue me in itself set me free.

So now I train my desire. Morning and evening, and as it seems fit during the day I program my body at a cellular level. In every crevice from my nose to my toes I want for othes, enemies and friends alike, what I would have for myself. Any feeling that would begrudge them of a rise to serenity I quietly watch until it disperses, and what was a dense mass of hatred and potential illness is no more than smoke and vapor.

If you understand this lesson fully, it’s unlikely that you require any Traditional Chinese Medicine interventions. Until then, practice, practice.