How to write a local google review

1) Create a google account by clicking here: Create an account If you’re already on gmail you don’t have to do this step, go instead to create account with existing gmail fill in your email and password then click on “create an account” this will skip to you about step 5 or 6 below If you already [...]

Clean teeth and sleeping bravely for Halloween

There have been three times in my life that I slept walked. Three times that I know of. The first was in high school. I got up and started an inexplicable argument with my mom about some dog. To this day we don’t know what dog I was referring to, whether said dog was fictional [...]

Rewriting Reality for Peace of Mind

The other day at the gym what should have been a routine workout turned into a harrowing journey into the depths of my soul. At my warm-up I was presented with a conundrum. The elliptical on the left had a puddle of water pooled up in the foot area about 2 inches deep. The one [...]

The end of morning breath

Since I have been following this protocol I never get that buildup of plaque behind the lower front incisors. I’ve tested with harsh critics and my breath is as fresh when I roll out of bed in the morning as it was when I went to sleep. Hey, it was minty fresh when I went [...]

Emotional Freedom Technique Cheat Sheet

OK, this all comes from this book, The Promise of Energy Psychology, so do yourself a favor and read it at some point for more information and get way better at this technique than you would from this short tutorial. In the meantime this should tide you over until it comes in the mail. Identify [...]

Buteyko Breathing

Doing nothing more than changing your breathing pattern can ultimately alleviate snoring and sleep apnea, hypertension, hay-fever, high blood pressure, and other ailments. It doesn’t take much time to convince anyone of the importance of breathing. A person can live a month without food, 3 to 4 days without water, but only about 5 to [...]


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Why should you choose Roots of Eastern Medicine Acupuncture Clinic?

Confidence: With such a high percentage of success, I have no problem guaranteeing you will feel better or your 1st treatment is free. Details Real Results Real Fast: Most patients get results within 1-4 treatments. Multimodal Approach: More than just an acupuncture clinic, each treatment includes acupuncture, acupressure, medical massage, connective tissue acceleration, and far [...]

Wayback machine removal request

Hi Christopher, Please remove all archived info from and the domains that also point to the same website:, this website and domain names are registered to me and I would like you to remove any archived information immediately. thank you – Benjamin Krieg, LAc Roots of Eastern Medicine Acupuncture Clinic

New patient? Satisfaction guaranteed!

You may be uncertain about the efficacy of acupuncture. You may have already exhausted a laundry list of medical modalities with no improvement in your condition. You may have already tried a different acupuncturist without success. You can relax and make a risk free decision. If there is any reason you don’t like your first [...]

How the guarantee works:

Within a month of your first visit if you are completely satisfied, great (almost always the case). If not, just let me know, any out of pocket expenses towards the first visit will be refunded. This offer will last as long as it remains posted on this website, and expires if and when it is [...]

Conclusion of details of guarantee

For insurance patients: This guarantee applies to the out of pocket or co-pay portion of payment only.

GERD Stomach Pain Hiatal Hernia Solutions

Your stomach pain and heartburn can be treated without surgery or antacids! Improve digestion, resolve stomach pain and heartburn, relieve pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter, and resolve hiatal hernia through Acupuncture, Tui Na, and Abdominal Massage. Make an appointment to treat the roots of the problem. Don’t just mask the symptoms. Anatomy and physiology [...]

Herniated disk

Frustration, pain, and persuasive surgeons can lead people to surgery before exhausting less invasive options. But innate healing mechanisms in the body can shrink protruding disks and release pinched nerves without anesthesia, scalpels, or hefty hospital fees. While surgery is sometimes unavoidable, it is wise to first explore other venues of care. The many that [...]

Bone spurs acupuncture tui na

Non-invasive or non-surgical bone spur rehabilitation can seem an impossible task at first glance due to the simple fact that bones are hard. But at closer examination bone spur formation is generally precluded by soft tissue imbalances. These soft tissue imbalances lend themselves quite easily to noninvasive corrective therapies, that when applied ultimately result in [...]

Acupuncture and tui na for carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the impingement of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel (which is the space between the carpal bones that the median nerve passes through to get from the forearm to the wrist). Traditional western therapy involves anti-inflammatory medications, rest, exercise, or surgery to cut the transverse carpal ligament of the wrist [...]

Neck pain acupuncture tui na

Not all non-invasive therapy is the same. For successful treatment of neck pain accurate diagnosis is tantamount. This requires knowledge of western anatomical principles, as well as eastern holistic principles. It also requires extensive experience treating many patients that present with different patterns of neck pain. Come to Roots of Eastern Medicine Acupuncture Clinic for [...]

Pain Inflammation Arthritis acupuncture tui na

Not all pain is due to inflammation or arthritis Inflammation is the body’s response to a disease or disorder and not a disease itself. Inflammation is a necessary part of a healthy immune system. Anti-inflammatory medication, NSAIDs, and cortisone injections only stop the body’s response to the disease/ injury and not the disease/ injury itself. [...]

Acupuncture and tui na for plantar fasciitis

Almost any time there is pain, buzzwords like inflammation, inflamed, and the prefix -itis (which just means inflammation) can be thrown out haphazardly because inflammation is a component of most common pain symptoms. More often than not this definition is a comp-out however, as its easy to blame inflammation for pain, but it fails to [...]

Environmental Medicine

This is a theory I came up with when I first started studying Chinese Medicine, inspired by financial inaccessibility to modern comforts; like a kitchen table, a couch, bed, or chairs. My only two items of furniture were a futon I put on the floor (which later became infested with mold and had to be [...]

Snoring Solutions with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Snoring at first glance seems an innocuous, comical, albeit annoying phenomenon. Nevertheless it is associated with mental, social, and physical complications. Snoring can disrupt marital and family life by interrupting the sleep of other family members. The snoring family member is at best poked fun at and at worst singled out, an isolated oddity subject [...]

Mortons Neuroma treatment with acupuncture and tui na

If you have already tried changing footwear, expensive insoles, anti-inflammatory medications, and other supplementary tactics to treat Morton’s neuroma to no avail, you may be considering surgery or alcohol sclerosing injections to effectively kill the ‘malfunctioning’ nerve. Don’t go permanently severing the feeling from part of your body too hastily. Morton’s neuroma, has a simple, [...]

Esoteric Lifestyle Aches and Pains Article

People in modern society have become insensitive to their own bodies. Their awareness is constantly outside of themselves. We place our minds in the computer, in the television, in our income taxes, in our next paycheck, in our wardrobe, in our car, in our retirement plan, etc. We tend to think about the future or [...]

Knee Pain Acupuncture Tui Na

The knee is the abused, misused, neglected until defected (when it defects from you, donates itself to science, and leaves in its absence a glorified door hinge that reduces overall functionality to the joint of a cheap promotional action figurine such as those designed by Hasbro or Mattel), disregarded but absolutely necessary middle man that’s [...]

The circulation conundrum

Chinese medicine’s longetivity has a lot to do with its flexibility in applying general rules. There is always an exception to a rule, even the most basic. One of its more fundamental tenets; “Without proper circulation there is pain, and where there is no pain circulation is functioning properly,” also has exceptions, and as such [...]

Coughing Acupuncture and Herbal Interventions

Coughing happens when the body feels disagreeable stimuli in the breathing passages. It’s a ‘happening’ rather than a ‘doing’ because it’s involuntary (except when it’s voluntary). Involuntary, huh? This calls for completely unnecessary example. Enjoy! Sitting in a crowded lecture hall amidst a glazy-eyed audience you hear nothing but the robotic droning of a presenter [...]