Mental and emotional health techniques abound. Pick a flavor; they say to stop to smell the roses, close your eyes and breathe, think happy thoughts, surround yourself with positive people, start a new hobby, take a vacation, take a nap, smile, and when all else fails there’s always heroin (please do not actually choose heroin when all else fails).

The best techniques are those that teach a simple skill; the art of being at peace irrespective of external circumstances. Life is what happens instead of your plans. It’s time to get used to it. There will never be a time that doesn’t seem to call for disappointment in some regard.

All the best techniques will fail miserably if they miss the crucial point of view common to everyone lying in a pit of despair.  Every time we get upset, we think it is because something has gone wrong in the world. The subconscious belief in these times is that “if only such and such were different, then I could be happy.”

The only way to maintain a steady state of peace is to make happiness your number one priority. You must decide, even when the edges seem sharp, faces seem cold, and the best thing that can be hoped for is utter disaster, that you will be happy 1st, and then and only then do what you need to do (if you need to do anything at all) to adjust your circumstances.

This requires no sacrifice, only decision. A peaceful perspective will guide you to safety more effectively than frantic reactivity. Effective techniques abound. But 1st decide.